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With more than 80 years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine, Heritage® TCM Clinic is able to provide comprehensive health and wellness therapies for your specific needs. 

Whether you are seeking treatment for a condition or simply looking to maintain optimal health and performance, our skilled and certified traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) Practitioners are ever ready to assist you. They are dedicated to providing you with individualized TCM evaluations - treating your health condition(s) with personalized TCM diagnosis, herbal medication, acupuncture or cupping treatments.


博诚中医诊所拥有 80 多年的传统中医经验,能为您提供全面的中医治疗方法,满足您的个人健康需求。 


TCM diagnosis and medication

This is an individualized treatment to evaluate your body's constitution and overall condition. This process often involves observation, interview and pulsation. Once diagnosed, our TCM Practitioners will dispense pharmaceutical-grade herbal granules to address your health needs. 

我们提供个人化的医疗服务。我们的中医师按照中医的诊断方法 – 望、闻、问、切、了解您的体质与诊断您的健康状况、再配给适合您服用的医疗级中药颗粒。


Acupuncture treatment stimulates specific points on the patient's body, often by inserting fine metal needles through the skin to remove blockages in the flow of the body's vital energy, Qi and to improve blood circulation. 

It is commonly used to treat different forms of pain and injuries, insomnia, depression, sinus congestion, female fertility issues, stroke recovery and other health related problems. 



Cupping therapy removes stagnation in the body, often by applying cups onto the skin to create light suction that improves blood circulation and release muscle tension. 

拔罐疗法是运用特殊的空罐,吸附在皮肤特定部位或穴位上,以帮助血液循环, 解除肌肉紧张的治疗方法。

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304 Orchard Road
Lucky Plaza, #05-43
Orchard Medical Specialists Centre
Singapore 238863

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